Monday, March 5, 2012

Here are the BOYS!

Eugene Oregon Mission Blog - Very Cool

Elder Daniel Jennings Brian - Zone Leader

Bapisms Continue with Elder Danny Brian

Recent Picture of Dany and his companion at a baptism.  Danny continues to get a lot of work done and we recently got a call from his Bishop and he was just GLOWING about Danny.  Yeah, I'm a proud Dad, what can I say.  This young man came back, took care of business, and six months later went back out and is now ON FIRE with the desire to help bring people to the Gospel.  He is a living testimony of the power of Jesus Christ and I could NOT BE MORE PROUD OF MY SON!!! 

Monday, November 28, 2011

From Danny E-Mail on 11-28-11

Whats up! So Sorry i have been slacking on my blog, I'm not even sure people read this but just in case here is whats up with the Lords mission I'm serving in Oregon!

So I have been transferd to Grants Pass oregon I have been here for about one transfer so 6 weeks.  I'm loving every miniute of it!  My current comp I have had here Elder Lund is leaving to salem, and now I'm training again Elder Burg, haven't met him yet. I'm looking forward to it!

So for Thanksgiving we had a turkey bowl and of course I pulled something (ha ha), then we had 2 turkey dinners and we had the opprotunity to watch 17 miracles it was amazing! I think I cried during the whole thing.

We are finally teaching people the restored gospel and I love it! We have one with a baptism date, her name is Amanda she is going to come unto Christ Dec 17.  Pray for her she has a long way to go. Thank you so much I love you all.

Tuesday, October 4, 2011

September 27th Update

Danny didn't have a lot of time so his update is TINY this week...

From Danny:  We had a great week this week, taught a lot of people and our teaching pool is going up!  No baptisms yet but we will get there!  We went to the temple this week and it was awesome.  The rain is coming, ha ha, I love you all and will give a more detailed update next week.  Pray often!

Elder Daniel Jennings Brian

Sunday, August 28, 2011

Update from Danny August 22nd

Hey everyone this past week or so have been, well bitter sweet last Saturday we saw L. Tom Perry of the 12, what a blessing to be in the same room, to shake the hand of an apostle of the Lord Jesus Christ. He gave a wonderful talk addressing the needs to more fully exercise our priesthood ability and us that with our investigators. Also to use the Book of Mormon in true conversion to have your investigators emerged in the Book of Mormon so we are now using that! At the end he gave his Apostolic witness to us of the Living Lord, he said" I have seen revelation being given to our prophet" Wow...what a statement, it just further more solidifies my testimony in this church

That was the sweet part of the past week, the bitter part is we had a baptism this Saturday and the guy never showed up, matter a fact no one knows where he is at so I hope and pray for him always. Thank you for all the support you guys give me I love you all! take care!

Tuesday, August 2, 2011

From Danny 8-1-11

Hey everyone! So this week was pretty good, we were struggling for awhile to find someone to teach, we had 2 baptisms, David and Jorey they were a part member family! They are two ten year old kids who remind me a lot of my little brother Sam! I loved teaching them! We are teaching more, not as much as i would want to, but that is where I need to work harder at finding people! For those back home please talk to your friends about the Church and invite them to act! Help the missionary cause! I love this work with all my heart! I love you all!

Wednesday, July 27, 2011

July 25 2011

Hey everyone! I Hope all is well back home!

Things are going really good out here we had a baptism and about 2 weeks ago maybe 3 ha and I finally remembered to bring my camera so hopefully I can send that with this update. The work out here is going well, our new mission president has been on fire lately and I'm excited to use some of the new stuff that we are learning! I've recently been called to serve as a District Leader, I'm excited to become an example to those who I serve and also I'm happy that the mission president trusts me enough with this calling. We are teaching a lot, we are finding more so hopefully through diligence we will get more to teach! We are now on full bike which makes it difficult because our area is huge but we will still baptize! Thank you all for everything you do! Love you all!
Elder Daniel J Brian
Oregon Eugene Mission

Monday, July 11, 2011

From Danny Tuesday July 5th

Whats Up Everyone!

Things area going great in the OEM, I just found out yesterday that my area is being split and I'm a full bike..dang it ha no more ac car. All is well. We got the better area the one with all the investigators, Mel is getting baptized this Saturday so I'm pretty exited for that! So is he and things are going great, alot of good work. For the Fourth of July we had a zone pday and played some football..not to brag or anything i tore it up!! ( not saying much i think we have the least athletic zone in the whole mission). We also got a new mission pres. President Young, from Salt Lake, he one spiritual guy and i know that God called him here to this mission, sorry not alot of time but i'll write one next week! Thank you all for the support!