Wednesday, July 27, 2011

July 25 2011

Hey everyone! I Hope all is well back home!

Things are going really good out here we had a baptism and about 2 weeks ago maybe 3 ha and I finally remembered to bring my camera so hopefully I can send that with this update. The work out here is going well, our new mission president has been on fire lately and I'm excited to use some of the new stuff that we are learning! I've recently been called to serve as a District Leader, I'm excited to become an example to those who I serve and also I'm happy that the mission president trusts me enough with this calling. We are teaching a lot, we are finding more so hopefully through diligence we will get more to teach! We are now on full bike which makes it difficult because our area is huge but we will still baptize! Thank you all for everything you do! Love you all!
Elder Daniel J Brian
Oregon Eugene Mission

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  1. Danny you're the best! Keep up the good work! I'm so proud of you -- Miss you!