Wednesday, May 25, 2011

From Danny via e-mail on 5-23-11

Hey Everyone so things are crazy here in the OEM! So things were going so well for me in Cottage Grove, we had 3 with a date and we were finding so many people to teach, I wanted that area to have at least 10 investigators in our pool, so we were doing some major work! Then I got a call from president MacDonald asking me to pack my bags to be emergency transferred to Salem because a missionary up here got sent home. I'm trying to learn the area and right now I'm in Salem in a threesome with Elder Wells who broke his leg 3 days ago, and Elder Groskits who is a balla! So ya so far I love it I will have more for you all next week! LOVE YOU GUYS!

Wednesday, May 18, 2011

From Danny on 5/9/11

This is an e-mail from Danny...

Hello Everyone! I hope it stops snowing in Idaho, just an FYI, the weather here is GREAT!

So this past week as been a good one! I got two new comps we are in a Tri some because our apartment is the biggest in the mission! Elder Lourneco and Elder Rachal, I knew Elder Lourneco from my old area, he is a way sweet guy! Both of my comps are 5'8 or shorter so you can imagine what people think when we knock on doors (one of these elders aren't like the other) ha that’s what I’m thinkin anyways. We had a baptism on Saturday, Jason Cole, he is a 10 year old boy who's dad is less active but wants to get back into the church. I can't think of a better way to do so that having your son being baptized by the proper priesthood authority. Jason is a great kid with a strong testimony! So that’s it for this week, I will try to make my next one more detailed for you all...oh wait the best think was yesterday I got to call home! and Skype home! It was so great seeing my Family!! I love you all!

Danny Brian hits Eugene

Hey everybody, we are so proud of Danny.  He's gone back out to Eugene and is currently serving in an area called Cottage Grove.  Here is a link to the area:

We asked Danny to send us some information to get this thing started so you will see that in the next post.  We just want Danny to know how much we love him, admire him, and know that he's doing the right thing and that he is a great young man.